A downloadable game for macOS

Junkyard Warbots is a top down, arena robot combat for up to four players where each player controls a fragile robot. Each robot has offensive projectile weapons, a battering "ram", and a defensive sideways strafe/shunt. Last robot standing wins!

There will be consequences! These robots are very fragile. Everything you do will generate heat. Once too much heat has built up, parts will start to deteriorate and eventually fail.

Junkyard Warbots supports up to 4 PlayStation4 controllers.

  • Left stick moves the left track.
  • Right stick moves the right track.
  • Right trigger shoots primary projectile weaponry.
  • Left trigger shoots secondary battering ram.
  • Options button pauses the game.

Install instructions

MAC: Download .app should run on OSX 10.9+


TJ2015.app.zip 14 MB